Friday, April 17, 2009

Here comes Peter Cottontail

Lots of pictures on this post, so be warned.
Easter is a big deal in our family. We all come together and celebrate family and the reason for this season. God has blessed me with an abundant family that lives, laughs, and loves together. We are more than family, we are also the best of friends.

So these pictures are fairly self-explanatory. The first one is Miss Kenzie and she is 10 months old now. The second one is my awnry son, who doesn't like his picture taken anymore. And below is precious Khloe, who is 8 months old now.

We spent some time riding around the Ranch on Wes and Bianca's new toy. So much fun!

Walker and his beloved Uncle Wes with Mom and Dad's fabulous new pool in the background. (Can't wait to try it out!)

Walker with his Oma and Aunt Kimmi coloring Easter eggs.

Me and Kim on Easter.

Pop, Walker, and I dyeing eggs.

My Daddy and his sisters.

Me, my Mama, and my sis, doesn't my Mom look awesome, she has lost almost 40 pounds!

All the cousins, Kenzie, Molly, Khloe, Walker, and Kirk

Papa and Shugie and their grandkids, they aren't the least bit proud ;)

Hayley's Baby Shower

We are t-minus 2 weeks away from "meeting" our new niece! I put meeting in quotations because we won't actually meet her for quite a while. She will be born in Germany and I will have to get my fill of her through pictures and webcam. This will be very hard for me because one of the greatest joys in my life is being an aunt. I love my 3 nephews and 2 neices with all my heart! I have been lucky with the boys being around alot for me to be a big part of their life. This will not be the case for my newest neice and that makes me sad. But when they move back to the states I will make up for lost time :)

Now last weekend we had the coolest baby shower for Hayley. She joined us via Skype for the whole shower. We all got to visit with her and see her growing belly and that was priceless. The grandmas opened all the gifts and I held them up one by one for Hayley to see. It could not have been a better shower.

This is Hayley's family with her on the tv.

And this is all the hostesses with Hayley.

Walker stopped by before the shower and got to see his surrogate "Granny" that he hadn't seen in quite a while and that was a nice treat.

Allie Reese is due to arrive on May 2nd so I will be anxiously awaiting pictures of her birth!Sherry will be there for a few weeks and has promised to keep me up to date on the pictures ;)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Emma Grace turns 3

One of my besties daughters had her 3rd birthday party a couple of weeks ago. It was a fabulous Hello Kitty party. Leslie made the most adorable cake that was also delicious!

Isn't she the most precious little girl???

Walker enjoyed hanging with his girls from school. This is Emma, Bethany, and Kaelynn. They are going to be some real trouble for Walker in the future ;)
Happy Birthday Emma Grace! We love you!

Everyone needs days like these...

Last weekend we took Walker to the park for the first time with his bike. He doesn't get to ride it very much at our house because we don't have any concrete and the gravel is to hard for him to pedal on.

Of course we had to stop off at the swings since it was such a gorgeous day out.

Isn't this the sweetest? His Daddy will always be there to catch him when he falls. Awww.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I have officially been Bitten/Smitten

This is what I have been up to lately. I watched the movie "Twilight" two weeks ago and I have not quit obsessing about it since. I immediately went out and bought all 4 of the books from the series and I am currently on the 2nd one. These are no short books either, they average over 500 pages! I can't quit! If I start reading when I go to bed Wes will beg me to turn the light off so he can go to sleep, in which case I just take my book and my pillow and go sleep on the couch! It is ridiculous how this story has consumed me! I am hoping that once I have read all 4 books I will feel "at peace" with the story and be able to move on! Ha!
Very much so looking forward to when the 2nd movie "New Moon" comes out in November! I will be at the first showing I'm sure ;)
Now on to what Wes and Walker have been doing since I have started this obsession.
They went to Plano last weekend for a Rangers game at the Minor League park in Frisco. They had really good seats and had an autograph session before, so Walker loved it! This was his very first professional game to watch.
I sent Wes with the camera so that he could document this experience for Walker. He did okay with the picture taking, but I would have taken a lot more ;)

Walker apparently really loved the Minor League teams mascot.

Walker with his beloved Oma!

And this would be Walker and some Texas Ranger that I do not know (Don't tell Wes that) ;)