Friday, April 17, 2009

Here comes Peter Cottontail

Lots of pictures on this post, so be warned.
Easter is a big deal in our family. We all come together and celebrate family and the reason for this season. God has blessed me with an abundant family that lives, laughs, and loves together. We are more than family, we are also the best of friends.

So these pictures are fairly self-explanatory. The first one is Miss Kenzie and she is 10 months old now. The second one is my awnry son, who doesn't like his picture taken anymore. And below is precious Khloe, who is 8 months old now.

We spent some time riding around the Ranch on Wes and Bianca's new toy. So much fun!

Walker and his beloved Uncle Wes with Mom and Dad's fabulous new pool in the background. (Can't wait to try it out!)

Walker with his Oma and Aunt Kimmi coloring Easter eggs.

Me and Kim on Easter.

Pop, Walker, and I dyeing eggs.

My Daddy and his sisters.

Me, my Mama, and my sis, doesn't my Mom look awesome, she has lost almost 40 pounds!

All the cousins, Kenzie, Molly, Khloe, Walker, and Kirk

Papa and Shugie and their grandkids, they aren't the least bit proud ;)


Staci Danford said...

Such fun... I enjoyed tagging along for your Easter ride..

LauraLoo said...

I love your family! Momma Chandler looks hot!!! What's her secret...feel free to pass it on! :) I love all the love your family has for eachother! Kiss all those sweet babies for me!


Taren said...

Yall's family is just made to have kids they are all so cute!!