Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lazy Days of (Almost) Summer

We will be spending alot of time this summer at my Mom and Dad's fabulous new pool. We have already broke it in pretty well. You will be seeing lots of blog posts about the pool I am sure.

This is my brother trying to drown me like always. He still acts like he is 10 years old when he is around a pool. He threw me in fully clothed and then proceeded to hold me under water. He is so sweet ;)

The guys hanging by the pool.

Big Wes showing he still has skills at almost 30 years of age!

Katie and precious Khloe!

Walker and his Papa!

Part of the pool.

Papa is such a trooper! He let Walker and Katie "draw" him in sidewalk chalk.

Papa and Koko resting on the putting green.

Me and my Koko, we are looking like some divas. :)

And last but not least, my baby decked out for his first swim of the summer, it's not too much is it???


Taren said...

Man I'm going to come over and hang out with you guys...yall look like yall have a lot of fun!!

Breno said...

Oi eu sou o Breno.
Desculpa deixar esse recado assim.
Mas é que eu gostaria que você observasse como está sendo tratado o meio ambiente em Santa Catarina - Brasil.
Penso que esse é um assunto que atinge todos nós.
Se possível, repasse essa informção.